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    My ducks are aholes

    My ducks are royal jerks

    I was so pumped when we got our ducks. It was going to be so awesome! I was finally on my way to becoming a farmher.

    My ducks are royal jerks.

    Then the little beasts turned 14 weeks old and suddenly their cute funny sweetness became no more. Three¬†ganged up on the crested duck and literally ostracised him from the flock. He isn’t allowed to be anywhere near them or they lower their heads and attack.

    One duck calls the shots and the other 2 carry out the ugly bullying. The 2 bullies are definitely drakes and while the one calling the shots has a slight curl on it’s tail I’m not sure that it’s drake. It’s really hard to tell if it’s just feathers being wonky since they all are going through their first molt.

    My ducks are royal jerks.

    Every evening now I have to go out and watch while they feed. The crested duck gets a few mouthfuls before the greedy jerks chase him away from his food. So then I have to sit and guard the loner duck while he eats and chase the bully jerks away back to their food.

    We had to build a partition in the duck house just for loner duck so that they don’t pick on him at night. It’s so bad that they won’t even let him go in the duck house. When he is inside they turn on him and pin him down and bite at his neck. Poor thing. We have to scoop him up and put him in his side.

    My ducks are royal jerks.

    So now we’re planning our first cull. We’ll be reducing our birds down to 2. One of the drakes and the one we suspect could be female. It’s not what I was hoping for. I really had hoped we would get mostly females so we could avoid having to get rid of any. Alas it wasn’t meant to be. My luck and birds should be the next post I write. I have luck so bad with fowl it’s actually kind of comical.

    No one said life as a homesteader would be easy but no one ever said cute sweet innocent ducks could be colossal jerks.

    My ducks are royal jerks.

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