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    Cherry picking 2016.

    Cherry picking 2016

    Ya’ll I was so ecstatic when our neighbor told us we could forage in his Bing cherry tree. I had visions of cherry pie filling, canned cherries, and cherry crumble going through my head.

    We could get all the cherries we wanted from the upper portion of the tree where our neighbor doesn’t climb. Yes and yes.

    Cherry picking 2016

    That was until we realized there wasn’t much up there. Bummer. But the kids had a fun time climbing up as high as they could go in order to pick cherries.

    Cherry picking 2016

    Cherry picking 2016.

    cherry picking 2016.

    Eventually the younger 2 got bored and started a wrestling match.

    Cherry picking 2016.

    We may not have got much but there was plenty of fun all around and I foresee at least one pie or crumble in our future.

    Cherry picking 2016.

    Next year I’d really like to be able to get a couple of cherry trees so that we can broaden what we have growing. Until then we will enjoy as much as our neighbor and the farmer’s market can give us.
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